NOSSA bees

Healthy bees, healthy hives!

Our colonies are inspected regularly for visual signs of brood diseases (e.g., EFB, AFB, sacbrood), viruses and Varroa mite infestation. We monitor Varroa levels montlhy and treat colonies in the spring and fall when the infestation level is above the recommended economic threshold. As our main business focus is to raise high quality, disease resistance queens, all of our bees are the progeny of queens that have been selected for hygienic behaviour or disease resistance behaviour. 

2023 Nuc price:

5-frame nucs (2 frames of brood, 2 frames of pollen/honey and an empty frame): $330. 

Available late-June/early-July. Pick-up 15 minutes SE of Sherwood Park, AB. Delivery available depending on location.

NUC sale is closed!

*** Thank you for your business! We are sold out!  ***